About Us

LeaseDedi aims to provide a strong platform to provide hosting solutions of more than 25+ international countries, connecting the hosting world one point with the help our experienced high-tech staff.

In the last couple of years we have seen a lot of developments in the world of information technology. A lot of companies have come and gone since then, leaving you to pick up the pieces and find a new provider that can offer you a reliable and affordable solution. Our main goal is to provide you with a product and service that exceeds your expectations. Will it be with our pre-made packages or our customized solutions? We walk the extra mile for you. All of our services ensure you of a quality product, both reliable and secure.

LeaseDedi provides you a full suite of online solutions for your company or personal needs. We offer web hosting solutions for the people who have been striving in finding the reliable hosting provider, VPS Hosting for the popular websites & blogs, and Dedicated Servers over 25+ locations through-out the world. We bring together the services of multiple upstream providers, all in one place, with a single bill and a single control panel to monitor your entire fleet of services.

Why To Choose Us?





Our Infrastructure

We operate a number of data centers across the globe. Each data center we operate from is at least Tier 3. We maintain private suites or cages within these facilities and our web servers are located within these private suites.

Understand Your Need

We understand the need to have your business, forum, blog, or even personal website is up and online at all times. That is why we monitor our servers around the clock and keep logs of every action. We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee with every plan we offer.

We Take The Pride

We take pride in everything we do and we assure you that the services we provide will be more than satisfying. The point of our business isn't just to sell you our product. Our goal is to sell you a product that will make you happy and satisfied, that will perfectly fit you and your needs

Our Support Staff

Not like every hosting provider we claims a 24x7 support in only a written context. Our staff is located in 3 countries which means that 24x7 answer to your questions. You'll always find our staff friendly and dedicated to your issues so your issues could be resolved quickly.

Technical Support

Sykpe : LeasedDedi
Sales : [email protected]
Abuse : [email protected]

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